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HE-500 Headphones


Brand: HiFiMAN

Our Price: $599.00

The HE-500 is one of HiFiMAN's best performing planar magnetic designs yet its 89dB sensitivity is higher than similar designs and allows it to be driven with a conventional headphone amplifier. The HE-500 offers impressive frequency response from 50Hz to 50KHz and with all of the dynamics and lifelike realism that HiFiMAN headphones are famous for.

HE-500 headphones are much higher efficiency than HE-6. Customers can use regular headphone amplifiers to drive HE-500.

Shipping method:
To US, Canada and Russia: USPS
To any other countries: International Express mail (EMS, UPS, DHL or Fedex)

Warranty Policy:
30 days refund: shipping cost is not refundable. 
1  year replacement.
The cost to ship a product back to us for repair, replacement, refund, exchange or upgrade is the responsibility of the consumer. The cost to return the product to the consumer is the responsibility of Head Direct/HiFiman


Frequency Response: 15 to 50 KHz
Impedance: 38 Ohm
Efficiency: 89 DB
Weight: 502 g


Leather storage box
Silver headphone cable (3 meters or 10 Feet, 6.35mm jack)
leather earpad 1 pair (on the headphones), velour earpad 1 pair for backup
headphone cable connector*2