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Our Price: $99.00

HE-Adapter is a device to protect amplifiers and headphones when using a speaker amplifier to drive HE-6, HE-5LE and HE-4 headphones.

 HE-Adapter is not for any high or average efficiency headphones, such as HE-300 and HE-500.


Shipping method: 
To US, Canada and Russia: USPS 
To any other countries: International Express mail (EMS, UPS, DHL or Fedex) 

Warranty Policy:
30 days refund: shipping cost is not refundable. 
90 days replacement: Customers will pay shipping cost.

Input: Speaker Connector
output: 4 pin XLR
Resistors in parallel: 10 Ohm
Resistors in series: 25 Ohm
Size: 16.5 cm * 12.2 cm * 7.5 cm or 6.5 inch * 4.8 inch * 2.9 inch
Weight: 542 g or 1.2 lb