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HM-801 Portable Player (Refurbished version)

Department:Portable Players

Brand: HiFiMAN

Our Price: $790.00   $749.00

Computer Audio (aka Digital Audio) is one of the hottest ways music lovers are enjoying their favorite music. High-speed internet has enabled high quality lossless music files. The critically acclaimed HiFiMAN HM-801 was designed as a reference quality portable player to allow serious listeners to faithfully replay quality downloads virtually anywhere. The HM-801 can handle most music formats such as mp3, wav, flac, aac, ogg, wmv etc.

With the development of high-speed Internet, people can download more and more lossless music. Unfortunately, most portable players cannot get the full potential of these high resolution lossless music files. The HiFiMAN HM-801 player was designed for replaying high quality lossless music files and getting hi-fi grade sound quality. It can play most music formats, such as mp3, wav, flac, ape, aac, ogg, wmv, etc. It can also support gapless playback by using cue playlist.

Shipping method:
To US, Canada and Russia: USPS
To any other countries: International Express mail (EMS, UPS, DHL or Fedex)

Warranty Policy:
30 days refund: shipping cost is not refundable.
1 year replacement.
The cost to ship a product back to us for repair, replacement, refund, exchange or upgrade is the responsibility of the consumer. The cost to return the product to the consumer is the responsibility of Head Direct/HiFiman

 Modular Design: Modular Amplifier Bay (Named GanQi Bay) and 14.8 volt Lithium Polymer Battery Bay
Memory: SDHC Card 
DAC function: Coaxial (44.1kHz, 96 kHz) , USB DAC (16bit, 48kHz)
DAC Chip: Burr-Brown PCM1704U-K (for Player, Coaxial and USB) ; Op-Amp: OPA627
Size: 114 mm *78mm * 25.5 mm or 4.49 * 3.07 * 1.00 Inch
Output: Headphone out; Line out
Exchangeable Module Battery Life : 7 to 8 hours (Depending upon which Modular Amplifier board is mounted)